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A Poem by Aaliyah Walker-Hinds

Below is a poem directed to her teacher by Moseley Park student Aaliyah Walker-Hinds.

Dear teachers, I would like to get something across to you
The door is simply just blue
Energy is just that
History is just the past
Rivers are just rivers
A musical note is just a sound
A plank of wood is just material
A chair is just a chair
A flower is really just a cause for a sneeze

Dear teachers,
I would like to thank you
Within the confines of your classroom nothing is just as it is
The door expresses a sadness, and unwilling acceptance of the future.
Energy is a constant thing, never to be created or destroyed.
History is a lesson for our future.
Rivers flow through the world like blood flows through us, connecting so much.
A musical note can create a symphony, a cacophony of feeling, love, passion, sadness.
A plank of wood can truly become anything dependent on whom is wielding it.
A chair may become a prop in which feeling and thoughts may be expressed through action without fear of judgement.
A flower can be anything dependent on how it is painted and portrayed.

Nothing is just that, because you are not just one thing.
We are not just one thing.
Doors close, but they open. Some are bright, some are dark but all lead forward.
Energy thrives around us and links everything including us and the beginning of the universe.
History is a window to the future we must face if we are not capable of change. If we do not learn the lessons you teach us.
Rivers flow tirelessly as you do. Connecting dots of information in a never ending stream of knowledge.
Musical notes can inspire great love, great tradegy. War or peace or love or hatred.
Wood may become part of a weapon. Weapons forged in heat and flame. Discomfort and pain becoming power despite writhing in merciless molten magma.
Actions speak louder than words and passion presented, acted around a chair may become inspiration for greater action.
Art is beauty and pain and torture and love. A single piece may contain so much and change everything just as we are capable of doing.

Even if it is unintentional, doubted in an English room, the knowledge you provide is power.
We can change.
We can become new people.
Better people.
Because we are all born the same.
Greatness is learned.
It is taught by the very best.

You hold the power of knowledge and experience and hardship.
Yet your greatest strength
That, that lies within looking upon expressionless faces and choosing every day.
To teach.