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Ethos & Aims

Welcome to Moseley Park

I am delighted and privileged to assume the role as Executive Headteacher at Moseley Park.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you as a parent interested in sending your child to Moseley Park. We are confident that children will find the years spent with us invaluable, successful and happy. Education is a partnership between pupils, parents and teachers, which produces positive results when we work together.

We are clear at Moseley Park about our priorities. Firstly, students should be happy. Secondly, the school should offer a wide range of learning activities and opportunities in and out of the classroom. Thirdly, all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential whatever their abilities. Only if the first two are promoted can this third and most important aim be fully realised.

We have established a formal learning partnership with Heath Park, with myself as Executive Headteacher. The learning partnership between the two schools has a positive impact on curriculum opportunities at Moseley Park and, as acknowledged by Ofsted, has accelerated every aspect of our school improvement.

As partner schools in the Central Learning Partnership Trust, our philosophies are shared. The outstanding success of Moseley Park students in recent years shows that we have got much right and determination and drive to build upon that which has already been achieved.

Moseley Park has maintained its position as the top performing non-selective school in Wolverhampton for the third successive year. We are incredibly proud of our reputation for academic achievement.

Whilst academic achievements are an important part of life at Moseley Park, students enjoy a diverse range of additional opportunities. A hugely popular extracurricular sport programme, music and drama, complement a wide range of trips and visits. Opportunities for student leadership emphasise the value of taking part as a member of the school community. We make no apology for placing a high priority on excellent behaviour, attendance and the highest possible standards as an expected norm. We care about our students’ development and achievements and endeavour to provide first class support and further opportunities for our students to thrive.


The aims of the school are broad statements of intent for all its pupils, rather than qualifications to be achieved by individuals. The most important aims at Moseley Park are:

  • To foster respect for the individual and tolerance for the views and moral values of all races, religions and cultures.
  • To help each pupil to become a valuable and valued member of the community.
  • To assess the potential of pupils, to encourage their talents and abilities and to develop the basic skills which will be needed in adult life in a fast changing world.
  • To strengthen the foundation of skill knowledge on which further training and education can be built throughout life.
  • To improve standards in teaching and learning and provide greater educational opportunities for our students, our partner schools and our community, through the vehicle of the specialism of Business and Enterprise.
  • To provide a working environment in which learning and achievement are respected at all times.
  • To help pupils to think realistically about their own potential and prospects and prepare them for adult life by helping them to understand our society and how it works.
  • To establish a happy environment in which teaching and learning are always equated with enjoyment.
  • To encourage in all members of the school family a constant awareness of the needs of others and to foster love and care for one another as individuals and as members of the group.
  • To ensure that there is a full equality of opportunity for all pupils.
  • To ensure that no child is ever denied access to any part of the school’s provision on the grounds of administrative ‘convenience’.