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Assemblies Aim To Beat Bullying

Young leaders delivered a powerful anti-bullying message as they led a week of special assemblies.

The group – Jamie Poole, Isabella Wilkes, Liyana Shaikh and Tianna Downing -who are part of the school’s leadership programme, showed students that bullying has no place in an outstanding school.

The assemblies took place as part of Anti-Bullying Week – this years theme was working together to tackle bullying under the slogan “Change Starts With Us.”

Students also spent some time discussing this theme in tutor groups as part of the week of action.

The theme also continued into English lessons with Mrs Akande’s English class exploring issues around bullying as part of work around their current reading book Abomination – where the lead character, Martha, is bullied for being different. The lessons inspired talented Year 7 student Jaya Khakh to produce a moving poem on the theme of words hurting as much as actions.

Mr Mincher, who runs the leadership programme, said: “It was great to see young leaders lead assemblies and the school coming together on such an important topic. What’s also important is the  how well our students conduct themselves – we have heard some amazing stories of where our students have worked together to combat bullying.”