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Black History Month

This year our students have been treated to a range of activities and lessons around the subject of Black History. Moseley Park welcomed back Genesis Sun who delivered their Black History Programme looking at hidden figures from John Blanke to Henry Box Brown

Departments have been focusing on Black History. In English students have been looking at a Poem by John Agard called Windrush Child and in Integrated Studies our students have been looking at Hidden figures like Katherine Johnson and Mae Jemison to name a few.

To celebrate World Food Day (16/10/21) our canteen cooked up a range of different foods from around the world. The Jerk Chicken and Samosas were among our student’s favourites.

In Tutor our students have engaged in a range of activities such as Black History Quiz’s, students have learnt about hidden figures such as Walter Tull, and analysed song lyrics from James Brown to Black Eyed Peas. Students have also listened to our staff’s own personal stories answering questions such as “Describe the route you took, which led from finishing your GCSE’s until now, “what difficulties did you face and what advice would you give to your younger self.”