DfE Acknowledge Moseley Park Student Progression

Moseley Park have received a congratulatory letter from the Minister of State for School Standards acknowledging the high levels of continuous progression students are making at the school.

Moseley Park’s recent results were amongst the top five per cent of schools in terms of the progress our pupils make between Key Stage 2 and the end of Key Stage 4, using the Progress 8 measure.

This is a fantastic achievement and we are very pleased with the hard work and progress that pupils at Moseley Park have made and continue to make.

The Minister of State for School Standards, Nick Gibb said: “We want to ensure that every child progresses positively through their education, whatever their starting point, to broaden their future educational and employment opportunities. Thank you for your work in producing such high standards and congratulations again to you and your staff for your hard work and professionalism.”