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Disney Digs Student Efforts As Awesome Allotment Garden Boosts Wellbeing

Keen growers are celebrating after winning a top award for all their hard work to bring a positive change to the school community and beyond.

The Year 10 pupils have received the Circle of Life Award in recognition of their efforts to set up a wellbeing garden in the school grounds.

They have been working tirelessly to create the sensory garden alongside a functioning allotment, which will provide food for the local community as well as a place of sanctuary for students.

The Circle of Life Award, which was set up by Disney Theatrical Productions in partnership with Young Citizens, aims to celebrate some of the amazing work young people in schools do to make a positive contribution to their community.

Creating the allotment and garden has been a whole school effort with youngsters asking staff to sponsor planters and Mr Davis from Technology creating beautiful plaques in recognition of their donations.

Staff and their families have also donated materials to help towards creating the garden. Mrs Haynes donated a greenhouse, Mr Kendrick supplied lots of garden materials and Mr Cunningham provided machinery to create the allotment.

Landscape artist Tam Astley and Sam Hudman, who carries out building projects for the school, also heard about the project and offered their services free of charge, the result being a stunning plan of the landscape. Students are now working towards achieving this. Mrs Astley also made a donation towards supporting the purchase of a brand new shed for the scheme.

Leading members of the local community have also supported the project. Councillor Olivia Birch secured £1,000 from the council to fund plants for the garden – so far 37 fruit trees and bushes have been planted. Mr Tony Sangha of the Nisa Store in Bilston, recommended the project to the Nisa Making A Difference Locally campaign and was awarded another £1,000. This has helped to fund a polytunnel and fruit cage, and both have now been erected on-site by students.

Mr Howe, who is supervising the garden and allotment, said: “Students still have lots to do to complete the initial stage of the project, but this is a scheme that will grow and grow. If anyone would like to donate seeds or materials such as timber or old decking etcetera, please get in touch with me at school.

“We look forward to the grand opening in the summer and hopefully to inviting the whole community in to have a look at this wonderful creation.”