Easter Revision Sessions

As your child comes to the end of their examination courses, we would like to offer a range of extra support during the Easter break. The details of provision are detailed below.

Revision is vital for these linear examinations, where two or three years of study is judged on one or two examinations. Your child’s teachers will have discussed ways of revising and given details of the content needed for the examinations.  These additional sessions will give your child an opportunity to work with staff to identify their needs and work towards addressing any problems.

Date Subject Time of session
Mon 15th April


English (All Students)



Science (X half students)

9.00a.m. -11.30a.m.



12.00p.m. – 2.30p.m.


Tues 16th April


Science (Y half students)



Maths (X half students)


9.00a.m. – 11.30a.m.



9.00a.m. – 11.30a.m.

Wed 17th April


Maths (Y half students)


9.00a.m. – 11.30a.m.
Thu 18th April


Resistant Materials


9.30a.m. – 2.00p.m.
Wed 24th April Art (all students)


9.30a.m. – 2.00p.m
Thu 25th April


Resistant Materials



9.30a.m. – 2.00p.m.




Fri 26th April


Drama 9.30a.m.-2.00p.m.


Year 11 After School Revision

Da After School Revision Session

(3.00p.m. – 4.00p.m.)

Monday Science (X half students)

Humanities (Y half students)

Tuesday Humanities (X half students)

Science (Y half students)

Wednesday English  (X half students)

Maths (Y half students)

Thursday Maths (X half students)

English (Y half students)

Friday Option Subjects