Head Boy and Head Girl

Irene Madanhi

I am honoured to be Head Girl. During my time in this role one of my main aims is motivating and encouraging younger students to work harder, so that they can strive for greatness I’d also like to get more students involved in making things better – to create a long-lasting change within the school.

I am currently studying A-level History, English Literature and Business. I chose these subjects because they help me develop better analytical skills and become a faster thinker, both academically and socially. These skills will also be useful as I plan on pursuing Law at university, with the aim of becoming a successful barrister specialising in family law.

Being Head Girl is a major privilege. By building success together, and making the school an even more comfortable environment to be in, we can all reach and even exceed our goals.


Tom Mason

It is an honour and a privilege to be Head Boy of Moseley Park. I have been here since Year 7 and I have seen vast changes in the school over the last seven years. To be a part of where it is going and to help make it an even better place is a huge honour for me.

Currently I am studying Psychology as well as double Business. I hope to go to university after Year 13 to continue studying Psychology, with the aim of becoming a politician in the future. I am aware that politics is an unpredictable career, so I also intend to train as a psychologist as well.

I highly value the position I am currently in, and aim to work with staff as well as students in order to make the school a better place to be for many years to come.