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Head Students

Sam Webb

Creating positive changes, a lasting impact and a legacy are my number one priorities as a Head Boy; a position which is a privilege to hold. I am keen to empower students in younger years; allowing them to freely share their ideas and concerns to create a dynamic, innovative school environment and develop the opportunities available for all students at Heath Park.

I am currently studying History, Economics, Biology and English Language and Literature; aspiring to complete a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics after Year 13; and beyond that, striving for a political career.

Alongside my academic commitments, Heath Park has offered me many other opportunities – for instance, involvement in DebateMate and Sutton Trust’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics Summer School with Warwick University. These opportunities have proven invaluable; developing my confidence in public speaking, presenting and creating ideas as well as interpersonal skills; thus I am determined to continue and develop Heath Park’s commitment to offering students of all ages and abilities an interesting and engaging academic experience; as well as encouraging these students to grasp at these enrichment opportunities.

Reforming the Student Council and continuing the legacy of the previous Head Students whilst doing so, will form a strong, resilient, empowered group of committed students, ready to speak up and have their voices heard; a large step towards creating a positive, impactful change within the school.

Ellen Potts

I am extraordinarily grateful to be chosen as Head Girl for Heath Park. I look forward to working with my fellow fantastic Head Students and the school community to create an even better environment to comfortably learn in. Whilst studying here, I gained so much that I am thankful for. I aspire to encourage others to make the most of their time here, both studying and joining extracurricular activities – even during the uncertainties of our time there is still so much available.

I am an active member of our school community, participating in as many opportunities Heath Park offers since HeadStart in Year 7, such as being a leader of the Student Council, playing flute in the school orchestra, helping run the Debate society, being a peer mentor and an Anne Frank Ambassador. Thanks to teachers promoting external activities, I have also taken part in NCS and the UNIQ Music summer school. These all improved my confidence, team-work and communication along with extending my learning. I advise everyone to take advantage of the various opportunities Heath Park offers – they are all truly beneficial.

Currently, I study Music, English, History and Biology, all of which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope to attend university as I am very enthusiastic about learning as much about the world as possible.

As a student of Heath Park, I have grown in education and beyond. In return for my fantastic experience, I will work hard with students and staff to create a positive impact. Heath Park has always provided so much that I hope to continue this for everyone.

Manvir Uppal

I am incredibly proud and honoured to take on the role of Head Girl for Heath Park, and to have the opportunity to not only represent the student body but to also give back to the school that has supported me through my education. I will continue to strive to be a positive role model to the wider school community, and motivate the younger students to aspire higher – and to achieve higher.

As my responsibilities have increased during my years at Heath Park, I have made a continuous effort to connect with the students and form a bond between them and the school. Through running the Welfare department of the Student Union, helping out at extra curriculars such as the Maths Club and assisting with parent’s evenings and other school events, I have been able to meet with students and advise them on issues that they are facing.

Throughout my time at Heath Park, the teachers have always encouraged me to challenge myself and participate in activities outside of school that will enrich my learning and give me valuable skills for the future. For instance, I have participated in NCS, and have attended UNIQ, Oxford’s summer school, which have improved both my team-working and confidence skills.

I am currently studying Economics, Biology and English. After Year 13 I hope to go to university and pursue a career in Business Management and Human Resources, and these chosen courses will prepare me for this.

I look forward to strengthening the bond between Heath Park and its students, and creating an environment in which all students are able to excel.

Sandip Singh

I joined Moseley Park in Year 8 after moving to the United Kingdom the year before, and the school made me feel very welcome. The school has an excellent track record of pushing for ward students of all backgrounds and abilities and considers everybody to be capable of accomplishing tasks at the same level as their peers regardless of their starting point. This helped me to improve my abilities and played a major role in shaping my mind-set. I felt a great sense of pride having accomplished my desired grades thanks to the astonishing amount of support and kindness provided to me by staff during my time in school.

Therefore, I very much believe it is now my duty, and a show of gratitude to the school, to perform the duties of Head Boy and inspire those in the younger year groups to develop their own unbeatable mind-set. I would ask them to follow their true passion and set their own clear goals. I would love to be a role model especially to those facing similar circumstances as I did in the past.

Holly Capewell

I am extremely proud to be Head Girl at Moseley Park. I can’t wait to be a role model to younger students and help develop the school even further. As Head Student, I want to raise the profile of Moseley Park Sixth Form with the younger years as well as the community, and to spread a positive message about our school in order to attract potential future students. I also want to implement a range of new enrichment ideas for Sixth Formers to add to their personal statements.

I am currently studying Biology, History and Health and Social Care. After Year 13, I plan to go to university and study Adult Nursing. Sixth Form is helping me achieve my dream of becoming a Nurse with specialist teachers giving me the best education possible.

I aim to work with my fellow Head Students and members of staff to ensure all of our ideas are implemented around the school in order to allow Moseley Park to keep improving for future students.

Meshack Nthiwa

My name is Meshack Nthiwa and I have the privilege of being of Head Boy at Moseley Park. Since joining in Year 7, the school has helped me become more motivated, driven and ambitious. During my time in this role I aim to motivate and inspire younger students to achieve their goals and aim higher. Currently I am studying A-level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I chose these subjects because I have always been interested in the inner workings of processes. I hope to study Medicine at university with the aim of eventually becoming a specialist abroad.

Being Head Boy at Moseley Park is an honour. By working with fellow Head Students and contributing to enrich the school we aim to build success together.

Louise Walford

I am extremely grateful that Moseley Park has given me the opportunity to become Head Girl. This position will give me the opportunity to have a positive influence on both my fellow Sixth Forms students, and also on years lower down in the school. As Head Girl I aim to increase interaction between year groups throughout Moseley Park and between other schools in the trust. I am confident that a connected student body is important in maintaining a successful Sixth Form. I also want to explore new ways to support students with both personal and academic matters, and I am looking for ward to the prospect of offering tutoring to students in need of extra assistance.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A-Level. These subjects have helped me realise my passion for the scientific field, and as such I have applied for Veterinary Science at university. I strongly believe in the power of ambition, and as Head Student I hope to encourage students across the school to aim high and enable them to realise their own aspirations. My time at Moseley Park has played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today, and through working with the other Head Students and members of staff, I will be able to give back to the school that has provided an education and support system to so many of us.

Nicholas Myatt

I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be promoted to the role of Head Boy, after a successful year as Deputy Head Boy. I accepted this role to create a voice for unheard students and for their ideas and thoughts to become a reality and become embedded into Coppice.

I am very proud of my school for what they have given me and the opportunities I have experienced internally and externally with the performances that I have been involved in. Not only is Coppice where I found who I was,it has helped me build my confidence and it is this that I want to pass onto my fellow students. I believe that if students are confident they will succeed in anything that they do.

I have been an active member of the Performing Arts department, performing in school musicals, choir and the National Theatre’s Connections. Through these performances I have built and strengthened so many skills and Iwill use these skills in order to help students at Coppice grow and leave a legacy behind. My current studies at Coppice are A Level Biology, Dance and BTEC Performing Arts. At this moment I do not have ideas for the future and I want students to know that it is ok not to know as long as you try and exceed of whatever you set your mind to. I believe that Coppice is the perfect platform for this.

Holly Dutton

From the beginning of my journey at Coppice I have been offered so many opportunities, that have not only amplified my voice in regards to positively impacting the school I owe so much gratitude towards, but they have also changed me on a personal level and continue to do so till this day. Coppice has allowed me to blossom from a quiet, shy year 7 student who never believed in herself, to a confident Head Girl that grasps everything life has to offer. I hope to do the same for our students and make their time at Coppice as prosperous and enjoyable as possible.

I have held a student leadership position throughout my life at Coppice, whether this was acting as a House Leader or holding a seat on the School Council. Due to this, I have developed a great determination to improve the school for future generations, whilst also making positive changes for our students and staff currently at Coppice. Currently, I study A-Level History, A-Level Psychology, A-Level English Literature and Language, and A-Level Business; in the future I hope to pursue a Law career and gain my LLB at university. As Head Girl I hope to make Coppice the best it can be, by helping students believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, which will forever motivate them in their successful future as it has motivated me for the past 6 years.

Cody Elston

Deputy Head Boy is a position of responsibility, respect and leadership and I feel privileged to be given such an opportunity which will allow me to be a role model to my peers and further develop my leadership skills. Our school is safe, friendly and supportive and I will ensure the Student Leadership team mirrors this. As Deputy Head Boy, I want everyone to feel comfortable speaking to me. I will enjoy giving back to the school as it has given me so many opportunities over the years that I have been a student. I have been an active member of wider school life; particularly in the Performing Arts department representing the school as a member of Flexus Dance Collective for 5 years and recently participating in the school musical ‘Our House’. I feel the position of Deputy Head Boy will give me the opportunity to share the many skills I have built and strengthened through my participation in leadership roles. I cannot wait to see all my peers succeed and I am utterly excited to be part of a Student Leadership Team which I know will make a difference.

Emily Davies

When I first started at Coppice in year 7, I was confronted by many obstacles and have overcome these with the support of my peers and teachers and now want to share my success. Learning is all about the individual journey, but also the relationships that you form which help you to remove barriers to your learning. Coppice has empowered me to do that. It has encouraged me to grow and, not only achieve my aspirations, but exceed them. I hope that my role as Deputy Head Girl will be my biggest success yet. With the support of the school and overcoming all my barriers, I am now studying A Levels in Art, English and Dance and have a greater ambition to attend university. I am now ready, through my role as Deputy Head Girl to support others on their journeys too. To ensure that they are supported equally and that differences are both rewarded and celebrated.