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Moseley Park has an agreed admissions limit of 186 pupils in Year 7.

Applications to Moseley Park are made through the Local Authority admissions scheme. Parents are required to complete the application form supplied by the local authority. Moseley Park will operate the same admissions arrangements as Wolverhampton City Council. The Central Learning Partnership Trust, as the admitting body for the school, adhere to Wolverhampton Council’s Determined Admission Arrangements for maintained schools.

Deadline: The deadline for applications is 31st October.

School Admissions

The information in this booklet is for parents/carers of pupils due to transfer from primary to secondary school in September 2020; for parents/carers applying for secondary school places after the normal intake in September 2020, and for all other in-year transfers to secondary schools.

Read the Wolverhampton Council School Admissions Booklet 2021/22