Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is funding provided by the Government to schools (on top of the normal funding per child) to support learners who are disadvantaged to achieve their potential.

From September 2016, the Pupil Premium funding a school receives is:

  • £935 per student who is in receipt of Free School Meals (or has been in the last six years)

Why do we need a Pupil Premium?

Statistics for many years show that there is a gap between the attainment of those students who are considered disadvantaged and those which are not, even if they come to school with the same abilities. This is because of the opportunities that some children can be offered. The Pupil Premium is designed to help close this gap and allow all students to achieve their potential.

How many children at Moseley Park are eligible for Pupil Premium?

There are 369 students eligible for the Pupil Premium funding at Moseley Park.  This equates to 55% of the school cohort.

The sum allocated for 2016-17 is £345,015.

Rigorous analysis of data for students entitled to Pupil Premium funding in 2015-16 revealed:

  • Improvements in attainment & progress measures
  • An improvement in attendance
  • A reduction in the ‘gaps’ for attainment, progress and attendance.
  • The rate of progress for students entitled to Pupil Premium funding is faster than that of ‘Other’ students in English and maths.

The key priority for this academic year remains the same: to continue to ensure the  disadvantaged gap is closing, by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students in low-income families.

For 2016-17 expenditure will be focused on three main areas:

  1. Staff & staff training
  • Maintaining staff to learner ratio
  • Developing outstanding teaching & intervention strategies – including securing the full effectiveness of written feedback to students
  • Additional learning support e.g. 1:1; small group intervention – particularly in maths at KS4; implementation of the accelerated reading programme: ‘Read write inc.’ work
  • Data systems improvement & support for staff with monitoring & tracking
  1. Pastoral support for students
  • Placements for students in need of alternative provision
  • Support for curriculum enhancement activities
  • Incentives to support attendance & persistent absence work
  • Support for students social and emotional development through the school
  1. Literacy & numeracy intervention & support
  • Mentoring support for students
  • Implementation of the accelerated reading programme
  • Lexia licences
  • Resources to encourage reading across the curriculum.
  • Additional support for literacy within KS3

How is the impact of Pupil Premium measured?

As a school, we monitor the progress and achievement of year groups, individuals and student groups at every data trawl.  One of these groups is Pupil Premium students.

The impact of funding allocations will be evident within the 2017 results:

  • Attainment & ‘gaps’ at GCSE and all year groups
  • Progress rates & ‘gaps’ in all key stages
  • Attendance rates, including Persistent Absence & ‘gaps’ in all year groups