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Moseley Park celebrates DIVERSITY!

We are celebrating Diversity this month and have a designated week beginning Monday 21st June. We are proud of our community school, where students and staff are respected by all members of our community school.

During Diversity Week, we are enhancing the knowledge and understanding of our students and staff around Diversity and Equality during curriculum lessons and PSHE tutorial time.


Students will get to know some history on Diversity such as LGBT+, taking part in activities in lessons that are bespoke to subjects including Art, Science, English, Maths and History. We feel strongly that all students should understand the importance of Diversity and Equality, not just at Moseley Park, but within our society.


The school have set up a new ‘SAFE HAVEN‘ Club that runs after school weekly on Wednesdays until 4pm. Here, Diversity will be celebrated and there will be opportunities for any student to seek support from committed staff. The club takes place in room E2 until 4pm.

Each Year group at school have created a ‘Moseley Park Diversity Pledge’, which we are proud to display around school:

Year 7

Achieving equality requires the engagement of all. It is everyone’s responsibility.

Year 8

Being yourself is never the wrong thing to do.

Year 9 

Don’t allow differences to divide, only love to unite. All hearts look the same.

Year 10

This is our life, our story, our book. We will live it how we like and love who we choose. May our choices reflect our hopes, not our fears.

Year 11

Courage is being yourself every day in a world that tells you to be someone else.