Moseley Park Teacher Makes The News

A Moseley Park teacher is making the national news today, thanks to her lazy guide to cutting out plastic.

Miss Harris, who teaches Psychology, has one of the most-watched videos on the BBC News website.

It’s all thanks to her blog – Plastic Iconoclastic – where she shares tips and hints on convenient ways to stop using disposable plastic.

Miss Harris, who worked as a journalist before she became a teacher, started her blog as a New Year’s resolution back in January and it has steadily grown in popularity ever since.

She said: “I watched Blue Planet at the end of last year and thought how awful it was that the world is being choked by plastic, but like a lot of people, I didn’t really do anything to change my lifestyle because it all seemed quite inconvenient and expensive.

“It wasn’t until school closed because of the snow just before Christmas and I wasn’t able to take all my rubbish out to the bin, that I realised just how much disposable plastic I was using. Seeing it all piling up was a shock. So my New Year’s resolution was to cut out as much as possible – but I decided I would only do what was convenient. I know from teaching Psychology that people only tend to stick to changes if they’re not too different from their usual routine.

“I started my blog after my friends kept asking me about all the swaps I was making and it’s taken off from there. The amazing thing is that I’ve saved more than a thousand pieces of disposable plastic from going to landfill or recycling this year and saved money as well – and all with hardly any real effort. It’s been a really interesting experiment and I’m helping to save the planet too.”

Watch the video here.