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Graphics A-Level

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade 4 GCSE in Art & Design or Graphics

Who is it for?

For all students who are passionate about developing their knowledge and skills within Art & Design, with a specific focus on Graphic Communication. Students will produce practical and critical/ contextual work in one or more areas including Illustration, Advertising, Packaging Design, Design for Print, Communication Graphics, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Animation, Web Design, Film, Television and/or Video.

Course Structure

Students will complete:

  • Personal Investigation
  • External Set Task


Personal Investigation

This a practical unit with written elements in which candidates are expected to develop a personal investigation based on an idea, issue, concept or theme leading to a finished piece of work. The quality of written communication is an important aspect of this unit as each student is required to produce a minimum of a 1000 word response.

External Set Task

Students will receive an exam paper which will consist of a choice of five questions to be used as starting points.Students are required to produce a range of work in response to their chosen question. Towards the end of the examination period candidates will complete 15 hours of unaided and supervised time in order to produce a final response to their question.

University Pathways

These qualifications support progression into further education, training or employment. Suggested pathways:

  • Foundation studies in Art & Design
  • Higher National Diploma in Graphic Communication
  • Honours Degree in Graphic Communication

It is also possible to progress into other areas of Art & Design.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Art Director, Animator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker, Production Designer, Theatre/Television/Film, Exhibition Designer, Animator, Fine Artist, Product Designer, Jewellery Designer, Furniture Designer, Museum Curator, Teacher, Web Designer, Logo Designer, Package Designer, Branding Designer, Photograph Editors, Book Layout Artists, Magazine Layout Artists. Retail, Social and Community Work.