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Chemistry A-Level

Who is it for?

Chemistry is a highly academic subject and should be taken on by only the most ambitious and hardworking students. Chemistry is a difficult subject and many good GCSE students find the content a lot more challenging than anything they have faced in the past. You will require a very good knowledge of Mathematics and good reading skills are prerequisite as many exam questions contain rhetoric specialized language.
During practical work you will be asked to carry out procedures independently and safely and use data to solve, often difficult, problems. The above skills make A Level Chemistry a desirable qualification for all the best universities whether you intend to follow a career in Science or not. It is required for pupils who wish to follow a career in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary or Pharmacy, and can open up a multitude of career pathways in Chemical Engineering or the Health Care sector.

Course Structure

The content of the course consists of:

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry


Exam 1:

(35% of A Level) Relevant Physical Chemistry topics, Organic Chemistry and relevant practical skills.

Exam 2:

(35% of A Level) Relevant Physical Chemistry topics, Inorganic Chemistry and relevant practical skills.

Exam 3:

All content and practical skills.

University Pathways

All universities accept Chemistry A Level as being a good A Level. Chemistry A Level is highly regarded by all universities

Career Opportunities

Chemistry offers a wide range of career opportunities in many industries here are some of the most highly paid:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary services
  • Chemical engineering
  • Oil companies
  • NASA
  • Armed forces
  • Pharmacologist,
  • Biomedical Science,
  • Health/Medical Professions,
  • Environmental Agencies,
  • Microbiology Departments
  • , Science Technician, Nursing,
  • Medical Laboratory Analysis,
  • Research and Education,
  • Food Manufacturing, Environment and Conservation,
  • Animal Health and Breeding

These are but a few generic suggestions and each one has many different career paths within them.