Post 16 visit the Harry Potter Studios

50 Post 16 students visited the Harry Potter Studios in Watford to experience where the films were made.

During a tour of the studios they saw some of the iconic rooms/scenes shown in the movies and over 14,000 costumes and movie props. Students also took part in a workshop linked to their studies.

Art & Design Workshop

Students focused on the artwork from the Harry Potter film series and learned how the Production Designer tackles a script brief, examining the process from sketch, into storyboard and model, resulting in the final set. Students had the opportunity to examine a costume before and after a battle scene, and analysed how the Costume Designer creates wear and tear. Students also had the chance to examine how the Production Designer uses perspective in set design, camera choices and how the actors are integrated into the finished set.

Business Workshop

Students experienced how the film industry offers exciting career opportunities. As the Harry Potter film series exemplifies, careers in the industry require talent, creativity and craft. Focusing on one scene, students were able to grasp the enormity of film production and the business principles required in the industrial art form of filmmaking. Students discovered how a marketing campaign can influence the success and profitability of a film. A step-by-step analysis of a film marketing campaign allowed students to access the complex and exciting world of film marketing.

Student Testimony/Quotes:

“Best trip ever!!!”

“I didn’t know over 4,000 people worked on one film.”

“It was amazing to see the attention to detail involved in the art work.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop, it was really informative and will help me with my coursework.”

“I think I might go into film marketing career.”