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Read Around The World

This year we are embarking on an exciting trip around the world with our reading.

Each half term we will focus on a continent (this half term we have been looking at Africa). Each week, during form time, students will read a piece of non-fiction about the continent, covering topics such as music, food and drink, festivals and celebrations, and plants and animals. To take part in the challenge, students will engage with one of the weekly readings (available on TEAMs) and produce a piece of work to show what they have learnt. This could be a poster, fact file, article, or any other media of their choice. Students are also invited to read a piece of fiction written by an author from the continent (suggested reading is available, however, students may select from outside of the list). Again, they will engage with the text by producing a review, comic version, summary, or other media of their choice. When they have completed the challenge, they will present their two pieces of work to a reading champion who will be available to stamp their passport.

Students can win house points, free books, and invitations to celebration events. So far, we have given out 15 free books and 120 students were invited to a talk by South African author, Candi Miller. Candi told students all about her time with an African tribe, the relaunch of her novel, Salt and Honey and her project with the Nyae Nyae village schools in Africa. Students had a fascinating afternoon where they were taught the click sounds of Khoisan languages and heard these demonstrated in a message from Chief Bobo. They had the opportunity to ask questions before receiving their free copy of Salt and Honey.

Read Around the World is an exciting opportunity to read and learn about cultures from across the globe. Next term we will be exploring Europe. If you want to get involved, see Mrs Shinton or any of the reading champions within school.

What will you read?


Reading Champions:

  • Mr Beddall
  • Mrs Simmons
  • Mrs Allcock
  • Miss Bennett
  • Miss Angus
  • Mr Cotterill
  • Mr Sarai



  • Students with author Candi Miller – holding their free books (Salt and Honey).
  • Connor Miller-James who won a free copy of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Connor was the first student to collect his passport to take part in the reading challenge.