Speak Out, Stand Up And Support Others For A Safer School

Moseley Park’s efforts to ensure bullying has no place in school have been given the seal of approval with an official award.

The Wolverhampton Anti-Bullying Charter Mark recognises the school’s commitment to making the learning environment a safer place as part of the city’s anti-bullying programme.

As part of this, staff and students at Moseley Park have pledged to understand bullying and its effect on people, to listen to anyone who sees bullying, wants to talk about bullying or who is being bullied, and to tell a teacher or other adult about bullying behaviour – never looking the other way or doing nothing to help. They will always take action to respond quickly to bullying incidents.

This direction action will also be supported by celebrating and welcoming differences, respecting and valuing others and contributing any ideas to help the school monitor bullying and its responses.

The award came from the B-Safe Team – Wolverhampton’s Junior Safeguarding Children Board, which made up of local young people who get involved with safeguarding activities and decisions across the city. The board enables the voice of Wolverhampton’s young people to be heard and reflected in safeguarding business and activities.

Miss Jones, Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safegaurding Lead, said: “We are delighted that our efforts have been officially recognised with the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark. It followed an in-school audit and consideration by the B-Safe committee – where we were able to demonstrate how hard we work to ensure that Moseley Park is a safe and welcoming place for everyone.”