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Student Wellbeing Day

Moseley Park students will be taking part in a Student Wellbeing Day on Friday 26th February.

This is an opportunity for students to spend time away from their live lessons and ideally, take part in activities that are ‘away’ from a screen. There will be no lessons delivered on this day as the school is closed so that everyone in our school community can take part in our Wellbeing Day.

We are asking students to complete a ‘Screen Free Challenge’ during this day. We have provided activity ideas in six wellbeing areas; RELAX, READ, FOOD, HEALTH, SELF & CREATE. Students should select a minimum of TWO activities throughout the day and share their wellbeing successes with us through uploading photos onto their year TEAM, in the designated folders for their Tutor Group.

Each well being area is on the year group TEAM. Within these folders, are tutor group folders. Any evidence of wellbeing activities that students wish to share, should be placed inside their tutor folder please. These presentations will then be collated and shared with Tutor Groups.

The Student Wellbeing PDF is INTERACTIVE. Students can move over each wellbeing square and click on the suggested activity for more information and support via internet links. These are suggested activities. If students wish to complete an outdoor/family activity that is screen free but not listed, this would be amazing for us to see their own creative ideas!

The activity sheet is attached below but is also available on TEAMS for students to access within their year group team.

Wellbeing Activity sheet

We look forward to seeing all the wellbeing activities that students will complete – remembering that each challenge should be SCREEN FREE!