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Students STEAMing Onto TV Screens This Christmas

Excited young scientists had the chance to take part in the recording of an international festive tv favourite.

Members of Moseley Park’s STEAM Club were part of the virtual audience for this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

The lectures are the UK’s flagship science series and have fans across the world. The Christmas sessions, which are aimed specifically at children, are particularly popular.

Restrictions due to the pandemic prevented the lectures from having large audiences this year, but Moseley Park students were lucky enough to be selected to join the virtual spectators for the recording of the final episode of the series, entitled Up In The Air.

It features Dr Tara Shine talking about the importance of oxygen and other gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The reactions of students were captured by the production team and may be aired during the broadcast on BBC Four at 8pm on December 30.

The programme can be watched after broadcast by clicking here.