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Year 7-8 UKMT Maths Challenge

This year we had nearly 50 year 7 and 8 children take part in this year’s UKMT Junior Maths challenge. Everyone worked hard on this for several months and as such have produced some incredible results for the school. It is a very difficult challenge, whereby even in the instructions for the paper the candidates are advised that they should not expect to finish the challenge in the time given.

The average score across the country was 53 out of 135. We are very pleased to say that nearly all of our pupils smashed this putting us well above average as a school.

Most of the pupils did so well that they did not only get acknowledged for entering but also received Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for some truly fantastic scores.

Mathilda Spencer Brown – was highest in year 7 with a score of 98, and Olivia Shakespeare – was the highest in the school with a score of 111. These two have also received a Head Teacher Commendation from Mr Morgan.

The following eight pupils scored exceptionally well and have been invited to the next round of the Maths Challenge, which is kind of a big deal.

  • Mathilda Spencer-Brown – Year 7 – Score 94
  • Olivia Shakespeare – Year 8 – Score 111
  • Raman Sahota – Year 8 – Score 107
  • Janbhi Paul – Year 8 – Score107
  • Sarina Dulay – Year 8 – Score107
  • Sethuni Liyanage – Year 8 -106
  • Gurjot Kaur – Year 8 – 102
  • Ashlene Dulay – Year 8 – 96