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Year 11 GCSE Drama Examination Student Success

Congratulations to the Y11 GCSE Drama students who completed their ‘Component 2 – Scripted Exam (20%)’ on Wednesday 26th February.

Students have worked collaborative for four terms over Year’s 10/11 to transfer page to stage presenting their adaption of ‘Steven Berkoff’s – Metamorphosis’.

The visiting examiner commended both students, and staff for their hard work and dedication through the process.

Miss White (Eduqas Examiner)  stated…

“Thank you for your hospitality and your lovely students for being so polite. They really are such a supportive group it’s so nice to see them cheering each other on”.

From myself Miss Thomas & Mrs Creighton a big well done for your hard work, dedication & commitment over this period.

Going forward the Y11 Drama students will be working towards Component 3 – ‘Theatre Makers’ (60 Marks = 40%).  Component 3 involves two elements to the exam. All Y11 students have received a letter outlining the exam expectations for Section A – DNA by Dennis Kelly (45 Marks) – Students are expected to engage with a set text, the set is ‘DNA’. They must be able to present their understanding when responding theoretically in role as a Director, Performer or Audience. As well as Section B – Live Theatre (15 Marks) – Students will engage with live theatre developing a critical eye in order to analyse and evaluate the impact.

Again thank you for your continued support. This would not be possible without you and your child commitment to the subject.