Year 8 Parents & Options Evening – Thursday 30th January

Year 8 Parents and Options Evening will be held on Thursday 30th January between 4-7pm.

This is the evening where all Year 8 students will receive their GCSE Option booklet and form to complete. It is vital that you attend so that you can receive the options form with all the relevant information so that you and your child can make informed choices for their future as a GCSE student. All parents are invited to a Head Techer talk at a given time, which will be stated on your letter that has been posted home. This talk explains the option process and you can then speak to specialist subject staff across the subject choices that are available for GCSE as a Year 9 student.

The evening is also an opportunity for you to speak to your child’s subject staff on their current progress in all subjects across the curriculum. This will give you a good insight into the recommendations teaching staff may wish to discuss about your child’s GCSE choices. Pastoral staff will also be present on the evening to discuss any attendance, punctuality or behaviour issues, if appropriate.

Parental replies should be made via Parent Pay no later than Monday 20th January. Any enquires should be referred to Mr Morgan or Miss Jones.