Young Leaders Are Game For Lunchtime Fun

One young leader has found an excellent way to keep his classmates entertained during their lunch break after creating his own version of a popular role-playing game.

Arya Roof, who is in Year 7, came up with the idea for his own extra-curricular club inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

Members of the club, which meets on Wednesdays and Fridays during Key Stage 3 lunch, design their own character and weapons to play the game. They are then given the option to chose their statistics – such as stamina and dexterity – before pitting their creations against those of other club members to see who triumphs.

New members are welcome until February 23 when the game will begin in earnest.

Mr Mincher, who runs the Young Leaders¬†scheme, said: “This club was completely Arya’s idea and he has put a huge amount of work into it. This is exactly the sort of use of initiative and leadership skills that we are keen to encourage. He has done really well.”