Young Leaders Are Going For Gold

Moseley Park’s young leaders are going for gold as part of their own development programme.

The students, who are all part of the school’s leadership scheme, devised their own challenges at the end of last year as part of moves to integrate leadership into the classroom.

The three levels of challenge- gold, silver and bronze – are now displayed in every room to inspire youngsters.

Bronze challenges include collecting or handing out books, taking part in a charity event and encouraging others. Students can attain Silver by regularly attending an extra-curricular club, leading a charity event or helping out with open evenings. Finally those aspiring to Gold need to meet a variety of requirements, including 100% attendance, leading an assembly and leading a visit to a primary school.

Mr Mincher, who runs the leadership programme, said: “Students worked incredibly hard to come up with the leadership challenges. It means that they have a clear structure to develop their leadership in different areas and that teachers and other staff can challenge students who are on the leadership programme to help them grow even further.”

Students who achieve the different levels of leadership will receive a certificate in front of their year group to acknowledge their achievement and fulfil a core concept of the programme.