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72 holes of golf in a day challenge for MacMillan Cancer

Mr Holloway is taking part in this year’s 72 holes of golf in one day for MacMillan Cancer along with a team of 3 other family members

It is a gruelling 4 rounds of golf in one day, on average about a marathon, starting at sunrise and finishing before sunset (hopefully!!!)

Although it may not sound difficult, a normal round of golf with 4 players takes around 4 hours and involves a lot of walking (more if like me you don’t hit the ball straight all the time), bending, hip/shoulder movement, hills, fatigue, concentration and been in June the sunshine, the heat.

Buggies aren’t allowed to be used unless for extreme reasons so it is all walking and obviously as time goes on, tiredness kicks in, each round will take longer and longer so it is an endurance task as well as trying to keep the upper body working in order to keep hitting the ball straight with good distance for so long.

I and the team are all beginners at golf so don’t always score well or hit really far, even when we are fresh and active so this WILL be a major challenge for us especially as we don’t go to the gym etc.

I would love to raise as much money as possible for such a worthwhile charity (I have personal reasons to support it) that helps all people from all backgrounds without praise.

Please follow the link or scan the QR if you wish to donate: