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Bright Sparks Sample Secondary School Science

Year 6 youngsters got fired up as they enjoyed a taste of Science lessons at Moseley Park during their induction day.

With the help of the Year 9 Science prefects, pupils from feeder primary schools discovered more about the exciting world of Chemistry – using flame tests to identify different elements by looking at how they burn.

They also learned more about Physics – discovering the elastic properties of Hooke’s law and how it is useful in day-to-day life.

Last, but by no means least, Biology was brought to life as they made slides and looked at their own cheek cells under the microscope.

Miss Wilkinson, who helped co-ordinate the day’s activities, said: “We were very impressed by the maturity of the Year 6 students and the questions they asked. They showed a lot of promise as budding scientists, following all the health and safety rules to the letter and being genuinely interested in the science behind the experiments.

“Staff found them to be polite, studious and enthusiastic – embracing the Moseley Park ethos. When they were asked about their experience at the end of the day, the majority reported that their Science lesson was one of the highlights of their visit. With model behaviour from both Year 6 and Year 9, the future of science looks bright for Moseley Park.”