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Budding Scientists Put Their Brain Cells To The Test

Budding scientists put their brain cells to the test as they took part in the Big Ideas Day, run by Solutions for the Planet.

The Year 7 and 8 Excellence Academy pupils were joined by Year 9 triple science students to learn different things about sustainability, STEM skills, social entrepreneurs and team work.

It aimed to get youngsters to come together and create something that could help change the planet. Teamwork skills were used the entire day as pupils made posters, put together puzzles, re-ordered jumbled paragraphs and learned new processes – for example, waste water disposal and agriculture.

These activities inspired each student to take a role in their peer groups and put ideas together to create something big they hope can make a difference to the school, community and even globally.

Each group had to focus on one area they were particularly passionate about wanting to change. They had to decide if this idea was going to be in the form of a product, service or campaign. They then had to design a logo, tag line and determine whether their idea would be achievable, beneficial and creative.

Mentors from Tarmac and Brammer, Buck and Hickman were on hand throughout the day to help students refine their plans.

After time was up, groups were then asked to present their ideas to their peers and mentors in the hall.

Overall, the day was a fun experience and taught us that even though we are kids, we can all make a positive contribution to the world.

By Daneka Anderson,

Year 7.