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Power To Young Poets’ Skill, As Student Efforts Fit The Bill

Talented young poets are celebrating after having their verses published in a brand new book.

Students from Year 7 to 11 entered the Empowered competition run by Young Writers.

They were tasked with writing a poem that made them feel confident and to showcase what is important to them.

Pupils wrote on a variety of mature themes, from falling in love, mental health and female empowerment to the environment, bullying and loss.

Ten of their poems were selected to be published in the book and winners had a chance to get their hands on a copy this week.

The winners were: Theo Westwood; Lauren Downes; Christine Cross; Lucy Hollingshead; Suria Hayre; Anika Joshi; Kevin-James Dickens; Kacie Smith; Aleiah Taffs; and Josh Sodhi.

Miss Shinton, who organised entries to the competition, said: “The brief was to give students purpose, passion and platform to write a poem on the theme of empowerment and our Moseley Park students more than rose to the challenge. Congratulations to everyone who was selected to be published.

“I regularly enter students into competitions, so any budding authors or poets who missed out this time will have plenty of other chances to see their work in print. I’m currently seeking entries for a Twisted Tales competition where students can explore familiar stories from the villains’ point of view.”