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Young Poet Nikita Shares Moving Words On Race And Unity

The ability of words to both hurt and inspire is the theme of a stunning new poem by a talented Moseley Park student.

Nikita Bangerh, who is only in Year 8, wrote ‘We Have Power!’ as part of a Black History Month competition, run by the Humanities department.

Students were invited to produce a piece of work celebrating the lives and achievements of important black figures as part of the competition.

Nikita has now received a Headteacher’s Commendation for her work and it will be printed and displayed in the school reception.

She said her poem had been inspired by the life of Marai Larasi, a lesbian and activist for women’s rights and black minority ethnic groups. “Marai hopes to inspire others. I have written a poem that shows a narrative in her view and how she feels towards cultural identities. I hope this poem brings awareness of her and promotes her values,” she added.

Miss White said: “I was blown away by Nikita’s entry to our Black History month competition. Nikita’s poem powerfully captured the significant contributions which figures such as Rosa Parks and Mae Jemison have made, while simultaneously emphasising the dangers of racism and hatefulness more broadly.

“Nikita, you should be so proud of this work. It is a testament not only to your awareness and understanding of the past, but also to your talent as a poet.”

Here is Nikita’s poem in full:

We have power!

Diversity is beautiful 

Gender is wonderful 

Why should we fight for possession 

For control and oppression  

Abusing each other 

The hate for what  


Inequality leads to chaos 

Greed getting the best of us 

Power is harmony 

Together we are mighty 

Like Michelle and Barack 

We can make a difference 


Follow your dreams to the stars 

Like Mae C Jemison 

Raise your voice 

Like Beyoncé  

Protest the wrong and make them right 

Just like Rosa Parks 


Fighting for our rights 

Isn’t just a passion 

It’s a privilege 

Come out to the world 

Sexuality has no limits 

Neither does race 


These words are harmful 

Be it Black, Brown or White 

We all deserve the right 

For justice I will fight 


Childhood trauma; everyday drama 

Affecting our mentality and ability 

Tearing us down until we drown 

In our own sorrow 

With no hope of tomorrow 


As parents shower us with comfort and love 

We can be reborn 

We are born black and stay black 

Black is natural and black is black 

We will go out black 


I entered a world of black and still am 

People looking down their noses at me 

The stares of a thousand followed 

As I strut down the road 

With my hope by my side 

Who supports my decision 

Openly expressing my love 

Whatever form it may take 

The challenges in life I must face 

I face head on 


I head to inspire 

Young children who tire 

Of hiding themselves 

Concealing the true beauty 

That they have within 


My mission is clear 

Please adhere 

The magic in life we create 

Comes when we relate 

Then our spells can begin 

So our dreams can win 


Make this a reality 

We have to cooperate 

For the eventuality  

Of a blessed fate 


My voice alone is not enough  

Together as one we can change  

The laws that once were tough 

And a future worth living in 

Is what we can arrange 

All you need is to fight for yourself 

And help one another 

In you we trust 

My spirit lives on this sacred trust 

The bonds we make will last eternity 

So live happily, live happily  

I say live happily